Expert oral surgery services from extractions to dental implants in Pinole, California

At Pinole Oral Surgery, the team of experienced oral surgeons delivers state-of-the-art oral surgery services for patients of all ages. Whether you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, a dental implant, or a biopsy, the surgeons offer comprehensive care from preoperative consultations through surgery and aftercare.

In most cases, our team can provide same-day diagnosis and treatment for dental emergencies. Please call the practice, if you’ve knocked out a tooth or sustained another facial trauma, for customized advice and to arrange emergency care.

our mission

To perform outstanding oral surgical services including preoperative consultations and customized aftercare


To treat patients with kindness, dignity, and respect


To ensure that every patient feels confident and comfortable while under our care

Insurance and Billing

At Pinole Oral surgery we accept all major PPO plans, Delta Dental PPO plans, Aetna, Cigna, CCPOA, Delta Care HMO, Denti-Cal, Medicare and more. If you don’t see your plan on our list, call our practice. Make sure to bring your insurance card and forms to the office for every appointment. Also, please note that insurance plans vary, and you are responsible for any fees not covered by your policy. Our staff can help you complete and submit your insurance forms, but you must address any questions or complaints to your insurance carrier.


The oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery offer a comprehensive range of surgical services to restore and protect your oral health.

Wisdom Teeth
If you’re part of the 85% of Americans who need to have their wisdom teeth removed because of issues like overcrowding and impacted or infected teeth, contact us today to schedule a pre-surgical consultation.

facial_trauma (2)
Whether you’ve fractured a tooth, your jaw, or another part of your face, the oral and maxillofacial surgeons provide outstanding surgeries to repair your bones and restore your appearance and maxillofacial function.
If you find an abnormal lump or lesion in your mouth, contact Pinole Oral Surgery to schedule a biopsy to find out what’s causing your abnormal tissue and which treatment is best for you.

Bone Grafting
Our surgeons offer bone grafting services to strengthen your jaw to support dental implants and preserve your facial structure.

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Dental Implants
Whether you’re missing one tooth or all 32 of them, dental implants are a natural looking replacement option that also preserves your jaw health and facial structure. Find out if dental implants are right for you.

Full Mouth Extractions
The oral surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery offer expert extraction services, including full mouth extractions for patients who have severe tooth decay or advanced gum periodontitis.


You can count on attentive care and state-of-the-art oral and maxillofacial surgeries from our team of highly trained and experienced surgeons.

Susan Snyder, DDS, MD

Dr. Snyder is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who offers a comprehensive range of procedures. She puts your needs first and is always willing to answer questions about your oral health and surgical needs.

Lewis Clayman, DMD, MD

With more than two decades of experience, Harvard-educated Dr. Clayman provides a combination of clinical expertise and patient-focused care, ensuring excellent patient outcomes.

Patty L

Gabe in the office is so welcoming and professional. Dr. Snyder and her assistant were amazing in handling my dad’s oral surgery needs especially since he has stage 4 dementia. Dr. Snyder was so professional and accommodating. She actually moved around some appts to get my dad’s oral surgery done the same day as his evaluation day.

Jolene A.

Dr Clayman and staff were amazing, I was so nervous and everyone there was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable.

Muey S

I totally recommend this place if you need any dental work done, or at least if you need your wisdom teeth pulled! They are amazing! And super fast!

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If you live in or around Pinole, California in Contra County, contact the expert oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery for innovative, personalized care and emergency services. Contact us today.

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