Warning signs of oral cancer

Dentist talking to patient with nurse watching - Oral Cancer Pinole, CAIt’s common to find someone that has had their lives personally touched by cancer.

We may know someone that has suffered from this disease or continues to suffer from this disease, and many of us have a family medical history that keeps us up late at night wondering if we are going to have to contend with some form of cancer as well.

53,000 of Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each and every year. Sadly, around 10,000 individuals in America die from this type of cancer each year as well.

This sky-high mortality rate doesn’t have quite as much to do with the difficulty of diagnosing oral cancer as it does with the overwhelming majority of cases being diagnosed too late, and at more advanced stages of the disease, according to a report from the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Like a lot of other types of cancer, oral cancer does not necessarily cause painful or even terribly noticeable symptoms in the earliest stages. Your dentist is always going to be on the lookout for oral cancer during routine checkups – but there’s much you can do yourself to be on the lookout for this
cancer, too.

Signs of Oral Cancer to Look For

There is a multitude of early warning signs you can keep your eyes on the lookout for that may point to oral cancer, these are some the experts at Pinole recommend that you watch for:

● Obvious sores, lumps, or bumps located in your mouth or throat
● Patches of thick tissue that’s built up in your mouth, or swelling throughout your gums
● White/red lesions in your mouth
● Tenderness, pain, or numbness in your mouth
● A painful sensation in one of your ears without any hearing loss
● Difficulty moving your jaw, chewing, swallowing, or speaking
● Teeth that have become loose with no real dental cause
● A sore throat or hoarse voice that lingers for no real discernible reason

Should you exhibit any of these symptoms you want to reach out to your Pinole dental professional ASAP.

The Oral Cancer Diagnosis Process

Should your Pinole dental professional find that the abnormalities in your mouth are a little bit on the suspicious side of things, they are likely going to refer you to experts for a biopsy.

Here at Pinole Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons are going to be able to provide a wide variety of different biopsy services.

All of these services are minor, outpatient procedures that won’t take very long at all – and in 99.99% of circumstances, a biopsy can be successfully completed with nothing more than a bit of local anesthetic to numb the pain.

On top of that, some biopsy situations may involve nothing more than a simple swab or scrape of the cells that need to be more closely analyzed. After the collection process has completed, these Pinole Oral Surgery experts will send the tissue out for further analysis.

Most of the time, these abnormalities are found to be benign – but in the event that oral cancer issues have been discovered your dentist and an oncologist can work together to remove the tumor completely, destroy all abnormal cells, and help you continue to lead a happy and healthy life.

Oral Cancer Treatment Options

In a significant majority of instances, the Pinole Oral Surgery expert you choose to move forward with can simply perform the excision process to remove the tumor and abnormality very quickly.

This process is an outpatient process that shouldn’t take very long at all, though it will depend largely upon the size and stage of the oral cancer itself. Sedation may be necessary but local anesthetic will almost always be applied. This is something that your Pinole Oral Surgery dental expert can better inform you of during the pre-operation consultation process.

At the end of the day, it’s critical that you move quickly after an oral cancer diagnosis has been reached.

You want to get out in front of this kind of cancer before it has a chance to spread and before it has a chance to negatively impact your life.

If you’ve spotted any abnormalities in your mouth that you want to have more closely looked at, contact our oral surgeons here at Pinole Oral Surgery ASAP. An initial examination and consultation will be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

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