Helpful Hints to Recover Faster from Oral Surgeries

Even necessary oral surgeries are going to involve a lot of stress, a lot of headaches, and a lot of hassle – and there’s always going to be a bit of a recovery timeline even if the procedure is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

Thankfully though, with the help of the best oral surgeons providing you with a happier, healthier smile through surgery (like the experts at Pinole Oral Surgery) your recovery timeline should be shortened significantly.

On top of that, there are a handful of things you can do to further improve the speed at which you recover from these kinds of surgeries. We highlight the most important helpful hints below.



The number one thing you can do to improve your recovery timeline is to get plenty of sleep following your surgery.

The odds are pretty good that your first 24 hours following surgery are going to be your most restful (and at least partly because of the medications you’ve been given following that procedure), but you’ll want to get as much rest as you can over the next 10-day block of time to speed up recovery even more so.

Secondly, you’ll want to be smart about the food decisions you make after you have had a procedure done at Pinole Oral Surgery. You want to be sure that you stick to foods that are pretty soft, foods that have a colder temperature, and foods that allow your mouth to heal rather than putting your teeth and your jaw to work.

Lastly, you’ll want to do everything you can to best manage the pain that inevitably follows even the most successful of dental surgeries.

You’ve likely been provided with pain medications (over-the-counter options or prescription-grade, it makes no difference) but the odds are good that your oral surgeon will want you to move away from these medications ASAP to speed up the healing process. Get extra rest, use ice, and take advantage of anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications as quickly as you are able to when combating dental surgery pain and you’ll have a much shorter recovery timeline to be sure.

For more information about how to recover from dental surgery faster, or to schedule an appointment with some of the best dental experts in this specific area, contact us here at Pinole Oral Surgery at your earliest convenience.


Am I going to be in a lot of pain?

Every dental surgery is different, ranging from incredibly simple and fast surgeries too much more involved and complex approaches. At the end of the day, the odds are that they’ll be at least a little bit of pain but the experts at Pinole Oral Surgery will be able to help you combat these challenges for sure.

How long will my recovery timeline last?

In most situations, you should be well on your road to recovery inside of just a few days, with most dental surgery procedures requiring only about 10 to 14 days of recovery until you’re back to feeling like brand-new.

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