How To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Healthy Teeth Pinole, CANo doubt as a parent you’ll want your children to have the best health possible which will include their oral health. The good dental habits that you teach them as children can last a lifetime. And once they pass through childhood with few dental problems then they’re likely to have less problems in their adult life too.

Tips For Healthy Kids Teeth

The following tips are some things that you can do to help your kids get into a good routine of healthy dental practises.

  • Be a role model – Kids love to imitate their parents. If they see you going to the bathroom to brush and floss your teeth then they will likely do the same. So when establishing the habit don’t just send them on their own but go together and make it part of your routine in the morning and night.
  • Teach them – Children as young as 3 can be taught to brush their teeth. To start with, squeeze out toothpaste about the size of a piece of rice on their toothbrush. When they master the habit of spitting out the toothpaste rather than swallowing, you can increase the toothpaste to the size of a pea. You can teach them to floss and use mouthwash as their teeth start to grow next to each other.
  • Go to the dentist – As an adult you should be going to the dentist about twice a year. When you visit, take your children too. This will not only help them keep on top of their oral health but it will also help them form a good habit. You can start taking your child to the dentist at 1 year of age or within 6 months of their first tooth appearing, whichever comes first. They can then continue going with you every 6 months.
  • Communicate – Before going to the dentist, talk with your children about what to expect. Your aim should be to help them relax when they go to the dentist. When you are there at the dentist, talk about your concerns with the kids teeth such as thumb sucking, losing teeth, crowding, mouth guards, etc.
  • Avoid sugar – Sugary drinks and foods are some of the causes of tooth cavities. As sugar sits on teeth they begin to decay. Explain to your children the relationship between sugar and cavities so that they can appreciate it for themselves. 
  • Correct brushing time – Brushing is effective when it is performed for 2 minutes. There are many ways you can help your children appreciate the length of time it takes to successfully brush off the plaque that’s built up. You could use tartar dyes, a timer and now they even have apps that make teeth brushing fun for children.
  • Consider sealants – One option to consider in order to preserve your kids teeth is to use sealants. They can help prevent cavities which lead to the use of fillings.
  • Set goals and reward them – You could track your kids daily teeth brushing activity using a chart and when they reach a certain goal you could give them a reward such as a trip to the toy store or take them to a movie.
  • Don’t share germs – Part of keeping good oral health is to avoid sharing things that make contact with the mouth. This would include pacifiers, cups and other food utensils and obviously toothbrushes. 

Dental complications

Sometimes when teeth are growing they experience problems such as not emerging as they should. It’s common to have this type of problem with wisdom teeth. In these cases it may be recommended that you visit an oral surgeon to resolve these issues. The oral surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery can help remove wisdom teeth that are causing problems. They are located in Pinole, CA and serve those that live in and around Pinole in Contra County. Book now to make an appointment

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