How to Overcome Dental Phobias
with the Help of Anesthesia

Dentist holding tools in hands - Dental Anesthesia Pinole, CAAccording to the American Dental Association (ADA), just north of 15% of all Americans suffer from serious dental phobias – fears of going to the dentist – that is so overwhelming that many of them avoid even the most basic preventative care that dentists offer today.

This sadly puts them at much greater risk for more serious dental issues later down the line, issues that may need to be treated with more invasive (and potentially more painful) solutions that only exacerbate dental phobias even more.

Here at Pinole Oral Surgery, we understand just how common feelings of fear and anxiety about our dental solutions are. This is why we take advantage of modern anesthetic and sedative options to help eliminate these issues for you completely.

Better Understanding Dental Phobias

It’s believed that nearly 65% of the American population has at least a little bit of anxiety about visiting the dentist, with 15% of the American population fearing the dentist so much so that they just don’t see them.

Dental phobias run the gamut from generalized anxiety about anyone looking into their mouths to more significant fears and phobias, including fears and phobias that do not just involve dental procedures themselves but the whole idea of “going under”, having teeth pulled, or dealing with pain they believe they are going to suffer with from these kinds of procedures.

How Anesthesia Helps

As we mentioned earlier, here at Pinole Oral Surgery we have a whole host of anesthetic and sedative solutions available for those that suffer from dental fear, anxiety, and phobias.

The solutions range from local anesthetic (topical solutions like Novocain that numb your mouth completely so that you feel absolutely nothing during your procedure) to laughing gas, IV sedation, and even general anesthesia options.

We work with each and every one of our dental patients to make sure that they are completely comfortable with the procedures that we use to restore and rejuvenate their smile.

It’s been our experience that the overwhelming majority of our patients struggling with dental anxiety and phobias are able to leverage the solutions we offer to effectively put their mind at ease, giving them the peace of mind they need to move forward with dental solutions (free of pain and anxiety) so that their smile is brought back to better than brand-new condition.

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Will anesthesia work for me?

Because we have so many different anesthetic and sedative options available to take advantage of the odds are very good that you’ll be able to enjoy top-tier dental services and solutions here at Pinole Oral Surgery without feeling any pain, fear, or anxiety!

Can I get knocked out for relatively minor dental procedures?

We generally recommend IV sedation and general anesthesia for more “involved” dental procedures but do offer these kinds of knockout solutions for individuals that have significant anxiety, fear, and phobias and want their mind put completely at ease before they move forward.

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