How Will A Facial Fracture Affect My Teeth?

Your face has some of the most fragile bones in your body. 

Broken bones can occur in the eye socket, lower jaw, or frontal bone. Facial fractures usually result in complications because of the complexity of the bones. Your teeth are also likely to be affected by possible tooth fractures. 

In this article, we will first speak about facial fractures. Later we will discuss how they affect your teeth.

Common Facial Injuries

The most common facial fractures occur during sports or automobile accidents. They are most likely to occur in the nasal bones, the upper jaw, or lower jaw bone. 

Jaw fractures are also commonly known as mandibular fractures. Mandibular fractures are most likely due, in part, to the little support it has extended from the face. 

Facial trauma may also result in multiple facial fractures, soft tissue injuries, and cracked teeth.

How Can I Know If My Jawbone Is Fractured?

A jaw fracture will be felt in two places; both at the site of the impact and in roughly the same location on the opposite side. 

You should seek a medical professional as soon as possible if you experienced trauma to the jawbone. Other symptoms of a jaw bone fracture can include pain, swelling as well as difficulties with breathing or chewing. 

The risk to your breathing is the most important reason why you should seek medical help.

What Effect Will Facial Trauma Have On My Oral Health?

One common problem you may have is bite misalignment, also known as malocclusion. 

Normally, your upper set of teeth close slightly in front of the bottom set. However, a facial fracture can cause misalignment and you may start to bite the inside of your cheeks as a result. 

You may also end up missing teeth or cracking them due to the trauma.

How to Fix a Cracked OR Chipped Tooth

cracked tooth

Typically a cracked tooth will require more invasive treatment than a chipped tooth. Treatment will depend on the severity. 

You may require either a dental crown, root canal, or in extreme circumstances, an extraction.

Chipped tooth

A chipped tooth occurs more frequently in the front teeth. To fix this, the site is cleaned, then a tooth-colored filling is bonded to the area to restore the tooth both aesthetically and functionally. 

You will need to be more cautious about biting down on harder foods, though. 

How Can an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Help?

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are trained to deal with complications that arise from facial fractures. 

Maxillofacial surgery may treat facial injuries by rejoining bone fractures using medical items such as screws, wires, metal plates, and rubber bands. They can also offer patients dental implants. 

The surgeons are also trained to remedy any complications that result from fractures such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

If you need the help of a maxillofacial surgeon, then contact us at Pinole Oral Surgery and Implantology. Their surgeons are expertly trained to treat facial fractures

Also, if you have missing teeth due to trauma, then they can fit dental implants. Their office is located in Pinole, CA, and provides service to patients in the surrounding communities in Contra County. 

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