Most Common Facial Injuries

Boy in helmet with missing teeth - Facial Injuries Pinole, CAEach and every year, more than 3 million US citizens find themselves in emergency rooms with facial trauma injuries. On top of that, 5 million teeth are going to be knocked out each and every year – highlighting just how common facial injuries are and how often people need to have their smile repaired.

The overwhelming majority of these injuries are caused during sporting events or automobile accidents. People suffering from physical assaults can also (obviously) have to contend with facial trauma that can result in the loss of teeth as well as cuts and bruises, broken noses, and other issues that a maxillofacial surgeon cannot treat.

At the same time, if you’re dealing with missing teeth stemming from facial trauma it’s important to seek out the help of a maxillofacial surgeon ASAP, professionals that can help restore your smile like the ones at Pinole Oral Surgery.

Highlighting the Most Common Traumatic Facial Injuries

Knocked Out Teeth

As we highlighted above, each and every year 5 million teeth are knocked out of the smiles of Americans all over the country. Thankfully though, with some quick action and some quick thinking you’re usually able to save a tooth that has been popped out.

It’s important that you do not touch the actual root of the tooth itself or try to wash it. Instead, gently tuck the popped out tooth into the open socket or into your gums to keep it safe and to keep it moist. Then make your way to the Pinole Oral Surgery office ASAP, letting them know that you’re coming in with a knocked out tooth and that you’d like to have it saved if at all possible.

Busted Nose

Broken noses are some of the most common injuries associated with facial trauma, particularly because the nose protrudes from your face and is right up front and center – usually where the bulk of the force in a facial trauma issue is centered.

If you have broken your nose it’s important that you seek out medical assistance right away. You’ll know your nose is broken if swelling hasn’t subsided after a few hours (especially after a few days), if you continuously have a bloody nose, or if you are experiencing bruising around your eye sockets. “Raccoon Eyes” is a dead giveaway that your nose has been broken.

Busted Jaw

According to medical experts your jawbone is the 10th most commonly broken bone in the human body, a bone that is almost exclusively broken as a direct result of physical trauma.

There are varying degrees and levels of broken jaws that need to be treated differently depending on the actual issue, but surefire signs of a jaw that has become fractured include chronic pain, difficulty opening and closing your job, numbness along the jaw line, your smile not lining up correctly, and a host of other issues you’ll want to have treated ASAP.

Should you suffer from a facial injury and are missing teeth it’s a good idea that you contact the offices at Pinole Oral Surgery ASAP to set up an emergency appointment. These top-tier maxillofacial surgeons and oral care professionals will do their best to save your tooth and repair your smile.

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