What Should I Do If I Have a Tooth Knocked Out

Have you just had a tooth knocked out? If you have, then don’t panic, you can still save your tooth! Following the steps below will give you the best chance of saving your tooth.

How can I save a knocked out tooth?

Step 1 Find the tooth

Finding your tooth could be difficult, depending on how you lost it. 5 million Americans lose a tooth every year and the majority of incidents occur whilst playing sports or during automobile accidents. Once it has been found, then take the tooth by the crown and not the root. Touching the root can permanently damage the tooth making it impossible to save.  

Step 2 Rinse the tooth

To protect your tooth, you will need to rinse off any dirt that it has picked up. Don’t use any cleaning products on the tooth, it can damage the tooth. Rinse using only water.

Step 3 Carry the tooth to the surgeon

The surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery can assist you in placing your tooth back in. As you travel to the surgeon, the best way to carry the tooth is to place it between the gums and inner cheek. Another option is to place it in a container filled with Save-a-Tooth® or milk. Teeth do not survive very long in water so never fill the container with water. Also, do not wrap it in a cloth, even the type used in first aid treatment.

Step 4 Call ahead to the surgeon

It’s important to call ahead to Pinole Oral Surgery and let the surgeons know that you are coming. They can have everything prepared so that your tooth can be placed back in its place soon after you arrive. You can also help the surgeons by telling them what type of accident you had and how severe your condition is.

The surgeons will do all they can to save your tooth and help you understand what can be done afterward to make a good recovery.

What Happens If My Tooth Cannot Be Saved?

Unfortunately, not all teeth that are knocked can be saved. If you have one or more missing teeth then the surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery recommend a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. They work and look just like natural teeth. The surgeons will fix a titanium post into your jaw bone and then cover the end with a natural-looking crown. The post functions like the root of the tooth and helps to strengthen the jaw bone. A strong jaw bone helps keep the existing teeth in their place and prevents further loss. If you are interested in replacing your tooth with dental implants then you can speak to your regular dentist and they will coordinate the work with the oral surgeon.

How Can I Reduce The Risk of Having My Tooth Knocked Out?

You can greatly reduce the risk of having your tooth knocked out by using safety equipment. You are most likely to have a tooth knocked out playing sports or in an automobile accident. So, by being safe during these activities will reduce the risk. For example, you could use a gum shield or helmet, if permitted, when playing contact sports. Or when you are traveling in an automobile, always use your seatbelt. That way if you are involved in a collision you will reduce the chances of making an impact with the steering wheel or front seats.

Another possible way you may lose a tooth is through gum disease or tooth decay. In order to avoid tooth loss this way, it’s important that you follow a good cleaning routine. It’s commonly recommended to brush twice a day and floss at least once. Regular visits to the dentist can also help to identify problems before they escalate.

If you have had a tooth knocked out or are in need of any other emergency dental treatment then call the surgeons at Pinole Oral Surgery.

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